Magellan Yadao: Faith or Foolishness

Song Credit: “Faith” by Lake Street Dive, Fun Machine, EP, 2012

Recording your first podcast episode has got to be nerve wracking for some, especially in a format that is free and open. It’s where knowledge and experiences are exchanged and can materialize into ways all their own. I suppose that’s the trend: organic.

As an English public high school teacher nearing the end of his 11th year, I march forward with much uncertainty. I stand at the crucible of my career and my own existential understanding, moved by the momentum of a force unknown to me and yet so familiar. Call it faith or call it foolishness, my creative and inquisitive spirit needs to be fed, and this may be the way to do it - through the ancient art of authentic and genuine conversation. We need each other to learn, so that we can connect in ways we never thought we could.

In Episode 1, my brother says it best: “We’ve crossed the paradigm. You’re returning back to that eagerness to be creative.” And if there’s anything that this podcast has done for me so far, it’s set me free. As an insecure individual for most of my life, what better act of defiance is there than to call my podcast “Yadaoist” and publish personal philosophies to a world so critical of them?

And, so, cheers to you uncertainty. Here we go.