The Yadaoist Podcast

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That's my first name. I've been accidentally called "Monica" most of my life. That's why I try to avoid Starbucks; then, again, they mess up everyone's name. I suppose it's because not many come across the name "Monico". I despised my name for a long time for many reasons, but now, it's gotten me this Santa Monica Beach according to this picture, apparently...and ironically.   

I'm a Chicago public school teacher and a Filipino. Both are roles in which dancing, singing, and impersonations of my mom have proven to be beneficial. 

Call this a project or an existential crisis, I'm doing this podcast for me...and for you, too. I want to learn from the people I find interesting, inspirational, and incredible.


I know some things, but I don't know everything. Yet, I would like to take my some things and exchange them with my guest's some things, so from there, we can make something. 

We learn from each other so that we can connect in ways we never thought we could.

With crude humor and ephemeral flair, let's find our way back to each other and pronounce our names correctly. 


Future R &B music album cover, say what?!